L-7 - Act to combat poverty and social exclusion

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32. The advisory committee may, in addition,
(1)  consult with, solicit opinions from, or receive or hear requests and suggestions from persons, bodies, organizations or associations in relation to any matter concerning poverty or social exclusion;
(2)  make recommendations to the Minister on any matter concerning poverty or social exclusion;
(3)  give opinions on government policies having an impact on poverty or social exclusion; and
(4)  give opinions on the use of the sums making up the fund dedicated to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.
In the exercise of its functions, the advisory committee may work in association with other advisory bodies whose work concerns poverty or social exclusion. The advisory committee may also solicit the assistance of the observatory.
2002, c. 61, s. 32.
The second sentence of the second paragraph of this section is not in force; Order in Council 821-2005 dated 31 August 2005, (2005) 137 G.O. 2, 3919.
The above provision will come into force on the date to be fixed by the Government (2002, c. 61, s. 70).