L-7 - Act to combat poverty and social exclusion

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12. Within the scope of its action to ensure consistent and coherent intervention at all levels, the Government must, in particular,
(1)  ensure that the policies and measures intended to help in the fight against poverty and social exclusion are complementary and coherent ;
(2)  devise means of measuring the progress achieved and improving knowledge on poverty issues, in particular through the development of research networks, and provide for accountability and coordination mechanisms designed to ensure consistent intervention ;
(3)  support in a durable manner innovation and adaptation of programs and services on the regional and local levels, develop coordinated action and collaboration and provide for a procedure for disseminating innovative experiments carried out ;
(4)  remain abreast of and examine innovative approaches taken by other countries and participate in international forums ; and
(5)  with the representatives of the native nations, discuss ways in which the actions may be adapted to the particular needs of the native peoples.
2002, c. 61, s. 12.