L-7 - Act to combat poverty and social exclusion

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10. Within the scope of its action to promote access to employment and increase the attractiveness of work, the Government must act in concert with its various labour market partners and community organizations, in particular
(1)  to intensify employment assistance so as to better support the communities in their efforts to create employment and, particularly in high-poverty areas in which employment assistance measures and services must be adapted to the needs of the groups identified as being more affected by poverty ;
(2)  to favour an approach centred on community-based intervention and the integration of social and economic development ;
(3)  to favour, in the workplace, the social and occupational integration of persons who have particular difficulty entering the labour market, in particular persons who have an impairment or disability ; and
(4)  to enhance the quality of jobs so that the workers receive an income adequate to provide an acceptable standard of living, in comparison with the income of Québec workers generally, enjoy better employment protection against the risks of exclusion and benefit from measures enabling them to achieve a better balance between family and work.
2002, c. 61, s. 10.