I-8.1 - Act respecting offences relating to alcoholic beverages

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16. (Repealed).
1971, c. 19, s. 15; 1974, c. 14, s. 10; 1977, c. 56, s. 13; 1979, c. 71, s. 120.
16. A restaurant permit entitles the holder to sell alcoholic beverages, except draught beer, for consumption on the premises at a meal; it must be used exclusively in the room of the establishment designated in the permit.
A restaurant permit may also entitle the holder to provide music and allow dancing in any room designated in the permit but not to present spectacles.
In this act, the word restaurant means an establishment specially arranged for the serving of meals where one may, for a payment, receive a meal. It may be specially arranged, where such is the case, for the provision of music or for dancing.
A restaurant permit shall be used in the establishment specified in the permit.
It may be granted for use and used in parks notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of the Parks Act (chapter P-9).
1971, c. 19, s. 15; 1974, c. 14, s. 10; 1977, c. 56, s. 13.