I-13.3 - Education Act

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87. The governing board is responsible for approving the programming of educational activities, proposed by the principal, which entail changes in the students’ regular time of arrival and departure or which require the students to leave school premises.
1988, c. 84, s. 87; 1989, c. 36, s. 259; 1997, c. 96, s. 13.
87. Where the deed of establishment of the school places more than one immovable at the disposal of the school or where the school provides instruction at both the elementary and secondary levels, the meeting of parents called pursuant to section 84 may, after consulting the principal, establish a school committee for each immovable or for each level of instruction instead of a single school committee.
1988, c. 84, s. 87; 1989, c. 36, s. 259.