I-13.3 - Education Act

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69. The minutes of the proceedings of the governing board shall be recorded in a register kept for that purpose by the principal or by a person specially designated by the principal. The register is open to the public.
The minutes, after being read and approved at the beginning of the following meeting, shall be signed by the person presiding over the meeting and countersigned by the principal or by the person designated by the principal under the first paragraph.
The reading of the minutes is not required provided that a copy of the minutes was delivered to each member present at least six hours before the beginning of the meeting at which the minutes are to be approved.
A copy of an extract from the register may be obtained on payment of a reasonable fee fixed by the governing board.
1988, c. 84, s. 69; 1997, c. 96, s. 13.
69. The chairman of the orientation committee shall preside the meetings of the committee.
1988, c. 84, s. 69.