I-13.3 - Education Act

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49. During the month of September each year, the members of the non-teaching professional staff who provide services to the students of the school shall hold a meeting to elect their representatives to the governing board according to the procedure set out in the collective agreement of the non-teaching professional staff or, failing that, according to the procedure determined by the principal after consulting with the persons concerned.
1988, c. 84, s. 49; 1997, c. 96, s. 13.
49. The principal is responsible for the management of the school staff and he shall determine the duties and responsibilities of each member of the staff in accordance with the norms and other decisions of the school board and the provisions of the collective agreements or, as the case may be, the applicable regulations of the Government.
The principal shall also satisfy himself that every teacher he assigns to Catholic or Protestant moral and religious instruction has the qualifications required by the Catholic or the Protestant committee established by the Act respecting the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation (chapter C-60).
1988, c. 84, s. 49.
The second paragraph of this section will apply to confessional or dissentient school boards only on a later date to be fixed by the Government (1988, c. 84, s. 728).