I-13.2.2 - Deposit Institutions and Deposit Protection Act

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45.13. A monetary administrative penalty is imposed on the party responsible for a failure to comply by the notification of a notice of claim.
The notice must state
(1)  the amount of the claim;
(2)  the reasons for it;
(3)  the time from which it bears interest;
(4)  the right, under section 45.14, to obtain a review of the decision to impose the penalty and the time limit for exercising that right; and
(5)  the right to contest the review decision before the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal and the time limit for bringing such a proceeding.
The notice must also include information on the procedure for recovery of the amount claimed. The party responsible for the failure to comply must also be informed that failure to pay the amount owing may give rise to the amendment, suspension or revocation of any authorization granted under this Act or to a refusal to grant such an authorization, and, if applicable, that the facts on which the claim is founded may result in penal proceedings.
Unless otherwise provided, the amount owing bears interest at the rate determined under the first paragraph of section 28 of the Tax Administration Act (chapter A-6.002), from the 31st day after notification of the notice.
2018, c. 232018, c. 23, s. 385.