I-13.2.2 - Deposit Institutions and Deposit Protection Act

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40.0.5. (Repealed).
2009, c. 58, s. 17; 2018, c. 232018, c. 23, s. 369.
40.0.5. The Authority may also order a registered institution to cease a course of action or to implement measures specified by the Authority if, in its opinion, the registered institution is not complying with a provision of this Act, a regulation or a written instruction.
At least 15 days before issuing an order, the Authority shall notify the registered institution concerned as prescribed in section 5 of the Act respecting administrative justice (chapter J-3), stating the grounds which appear to justify the order, the date on which the order is to take effect and the right of the institution to submit observations.
2009, c. 58, s. 17.