I-13.03 - Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux

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9. In pursuing its mission, the institute may, among other things,
(1)  enter into agreements with any group or body able to provide the assessments necessary to prepare its recommendations and practice guides;
(2)  enter into an agreement, as provided by law, with a government other than the Gouvernement du Québec, a department of such a government, an international organization, or a body of such a government or organization; and
(3)  require accredited manufacturers, or manufacturers who have applied for accreditation, to provide information on the pharmacological and therapeutic aspects of a medication, and information on the price of the medications they offer for sale.
In addition, the institute must evaluate the effectiveness of its actions and of the measures implemented in the exercise of its functions.
2010, c. 15, s. 9.