I-13.03 - Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux

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6. The institute must take the following factors into consideration in preparing its recommendations and practice guides:
(1)  the degree of need of the persons affected by the recommendations and practice guides;
(2)  the ratio of the benefits for those persons to the cost to the health and social services system; and
(3)  the foreseeable consequences of the recommendations and practice guides on health and social services system resources.
The institute bases its consideration of those factors on, in particular, a systematic review of research data, economic assessments, clinical data and an analysis of the available Québec data on needs, resources, services and medications.
In addition, the institute determines and publishes an ethical framework setting out the principles that guide its assessment of the results of the scientific evaluation, and gives the reasons behind its recommendations and practice guides.
2010, c. 15, s. 6.