F- - Act respecting the Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives

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25. If assistance is granted, the Fonds shall agree upon the conditions with the applicant or his attorney.
The agreement between the Fonds and the recipient shall, in particular, provide for:
(a)  the amount and use of the assistance;
(b)  the advances that may be paid to the recipient;
(c)  the terms and conditions of producing accounts and expenditures;
(d)  the reports the recipient or his attorney must supply to the Fonds;
(e)  the cases where assistance may be suspended or diminished;
(f)  the terms and conditions of reimbursing the advances received or of assistance, if such is the case;
(g)  the subrogation of the Fonds in the rights of the recipient or his attorney up to the amounts paid to them.
1978, c. 8, s. 25.