E-9 - Act respecting private education

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53. Subject to sections 60, 61 and 62, the Government, on the recommendation of the Minister, may make regulations applicable to institutions giving correspondence courses to determine:
(a)  the structure of the courses, their duration and the intervals at which the portions of courses which comprise the same must be forwarded;
(b)  the terms of payment of the tuition fees required;
(c)  the terms of payment of the instructional or experimental material necessary for pursuing studies;
(d)  the proportion of the charges paid which an institution may retain when a pupil does not follow or abandons the course for which he has registered;
(e)  the publicity and advertising that an institution may issue;
(f)  the delays for the correction of assignments and examinations and for the transmission of results to pupils.
1968, c. 67, s. 53.