E-9 - Act respecting private education

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26. Every application for a permit or for renewal of a permit must be filed within the delays and in the form prescribed by the regulations; it shall contain in particular:
(a)  a description of the courses that the institution intends to give to its pupils, the classes and levels of education that it intends to promote and the means that it intends to use to achieve its purposes;
(b)  an estimate of the registration for the next school year;
(c)  the budgetary estimates for the next school year;
(d)  the tuition and other related fees which it will require of its pupils.
Every application for renewal shall also include a report of the activities of the institution during the last year for which it held a permit.
The Minister may require any additional information that he deems useful.
1968, c. 67, s. 26.