E-9.1 - Act respecting private education

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63.3. The anti-bullying and anti-violence plan must be accompanied by a document that sets out the rules of conduct and the safety measures applicable in the institution, including the obligation for students to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner toward their peers and the institution’s personnel, to contribute to creating a healthy and secure learning environment, and to take part in civics and anti-bullying and anti-violence activities held by the institution.
In addition to the elements the Minister may prescribe by regulation, the rules of conduct must specify
(1)  the attitudes and conduct that are required of students at all times;
(2)  the behaviours and verbal or other exchanges that are prohibited at all times, including during school transportation, regardless of the means used, including social media; and
(3)  the applicable disciplinary sanctions, according to the severity or repetitive nature of the prohibited act.
The rules of conduct and the safety measures must be presented to the students during a civics session held each year by the institution in collaboration with its personnel, and must be sent to the parents at the beginning of each school year.
2012, c. 19, s. 24.