E-2.2 - Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities

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40.3. If the municipality meets the conditions for maintaining the existing division of its territory into electoral districts, within 15 days after transmission of the decision, the clerk or the secretary-treasurer shall publish, in a newspaper having general circulation in the municipality, a notice setting forth
(1)  the object of the Commission’s decision;
(2)  the description of the boundaries of the electoral districts;
(3)  the number of electors in each electoral district;
(4)  every elector’s right to inform the clerk or the secretary-treasurer in writing, within 15 days of publication of the notice, of the elector’s objection to the maintaining of the division into electoral districts;
(5)  the address to which objections must be sent; and
(6)  the number of objections required to oblige the municipality to follow the procedure for dividing its territory into electoral districts.
In addition to or in lieu of the description required under subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph, the notice may include a map or a sketch of the electoral districts.
Within five days of publication of the notice, the clerk or the secretary-treasurer shall transmit a certified copy of it to the Commission, with an attestation of the date of publication.
2007, c. 33, s. 7.