E-2.2 - Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities

Full text
204. Not later than one hour before the time fixed for the opening of the polling station, the returning officer shall deliver to the deputy returning officer, in a sealed ballot box, after affixing his initials or a printed mark bearing his initials to the seals,
(1)  the copy of the list of electors used for the advance poll and comprising the electors who are entitled to vote at his polling station;
(2)  a poll book;
(3)  the required number of ballot papers which, for each office in respect of which a poll is held at that station, shall not be greater than the number of electors entitled to vote at the station, plus 25;
(4)  the forms and other documents necessary for the poll and the counting of the votes.
The returning officer shall also deliver to the deputy returning officer any other materials required for the poll.
1987, c. 57, s. 204.