E-12.000001 - Money-Services Businesses Act

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82. (Repealed).
2010, c. 40, Sch. I, s. 82; 2020, c. 52020, c. 5, s. 71.
82. A person or entity who, on 1 April 2012, operates a money-services business for which a licence is required under this Act must, within six months after that date, file an application for a licence of the appropriate class in accordance with this Act. The person or entity may continue operating their money-services business until the Authority renders a decision on the licence application.
The business plan referred to in subparagraph 5 of the first paragraph of section 6 need not be submitted with the application.
2010, c. 40, Sch. I, s. 82.
To the extent that it concerns the operation of automated teller machines, this section applies as of 1 January 2013. (2010, c. 40, Sch. I, s. 86; Order in Council 151-2012 dated 29 February 2012, (2012) 144 G.O. 2, 669).