C-8.3 - Act respecting international financial centres

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21. (Repealed).
1999, c. 86, s. 21; 2005, c. 23, s. 9.
21. The Minister shall issue to a corporation or partnership a certificate recognizing one of its employees as an employee, other than a foreign specialist, who was an employee on 31 March 1998, where, throughout the period beginning on 1 January 1999 and ending at the end of the calendar year, the employee’s duties with the corporation or partnership were devoted, in a proportion of at least 75 %, to the operations of the business of the corporation or partnership, in the course of which the individual was employed on 31 March 1998 and in respect of which a qualification certificate issued under section 10 was valid.
The Minister shall forward a copy of the certificate to the employee.
1999, c. 86, s. 21.