C-26 - Professional Code

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108.10. A professional order may, without the consent of the person concerned, release personal information it holds on that person, or information it holds on a company or partnership referred to in Chapter VI.3, or on another group of professionals:
(1)  to a person or committee referred to in section 192 or to the Professions Tribunal when it is necessary for the exercise of their functions;
(2)  to another professional order to which this Code applies or to a body exercising similar or complementary functions for the protection of the public, when the release is necessary for an investigation or inspection or the issue of a permit;
(3)  to the Office for the exercise of its functions; and
(4)  to any other person by way of a press release, a notice or by any other means, when the information relates to professional activities or other similar activities of the person concerned that could endanger the life, health or safety of others.
2006, c. 22, s. 152.