C-25.01 - Code of Civil Procedure

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257. Before the trial begins, a party to the proceeding, with the authorization of the court, may examine witnesses whom the party fears may be absent, may die or may become incapacitated, or have a thing or property which may be lost and whose state may affect the outcome of the dispute inspected by a person of the party’s choice.
If the court grants its authorization, the parties agree on where and when the witnesses will be heard or the thing or property inspected; in the latter case, how the thing or property is to be inspected is determined by the parties unless already determined by the decision. The discovery costs form part of the legal costs if the evidence is filed in the court record.
The depositions and expert reports do not prevent the witnesses or experts from being called to be examined anew, nor do they adversely affect any grounds of objection that a party may later wish to raise against the actual admissibility of the evidence so gathered.
2014, c. 1, a. 257.