C-25.01 - Code of Civil Procedure

Full text
174. A request for setting down for trial and judgment is made by means of a joint declaration by the parties stating that the case is ready for trial and containing
(1)  the name of each party and, if the party is represented, its lawyer’s name, as well as their contact information;
(2)  a list of the exhibits and other evidence disclosed between the parties;
(3)  a list of the witnesses each party intends to call and a list of those whose testimony it intends to present in the form of affidavits, unless there is valid cause not to disclose their identities;
(4)  a list of the facts that are admitted;
(5)  a list of the points to be determined by experts; and
(6)  an estimate of the length of the trial and, if applicable, particulars as to the use of the services of an interpreter or the use of technological means.
If the declaration cannot be made by the parties jointly, the plaintiff or, if the plaintiff fails to do so, another party, files a declaration and notifies it to the other parties. The declaration is deemed confirmed unless the other parties specify, within 15 days after it is notified, what should, in their opinion, be added or deleted.
2014, c. 1, a. 174.