C-25.01 - Code of Civil Procedure

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105. Whenever the law requires that a pleading be supported by an oath or whenever it requires or allows an affidavit as evidence, the oath must be sworn by a person who can attest to the truth of the facts alleged in the pleading or affidavit.
The pleading or affidavit must mention the date and place the oath is sworn or received, as well as the name and address of the person swearing the oath and the name and capacity of the person receiving it.
The person who swore the oath may be examined on the facts whose truth the person attested to; similarly, the affiant may be examined on the facts mentioned in the affidavit if the pleading, attestation or affidavit is deemed by law to be sworn. If the person refuses to submit to such an examination without valid cause, the pleading or affidavit is rejected.
2014, c. 1, a. 105.