C-19 - Cities and Towns Act

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65.7. (Repealed).
1980, c. 16, s. 70; 1988, c. 30, s. 33.
65.7. The member of the council who gives the notice of motion with respect to a by-law contemplated in section 65.6 shall deposit a draft of the by-law before the council at the same time; the draft must, in particular, indicate the sums to which the members of the council are entitled under sections 65 to 65.5 and include, where applicable, the particulars provided for in section 65.8.
In the case of a city or town governed by special charter that does not provide for a notice of motion before the passing of a by-law, the draft by-law submitted to the council by the executive committee must contain the information required by the first paragraph.
At least twenty-one days before the sitting at which the draft by-law is to be passed, the clerk shall give a public notice containing a summary of the draft and indicating the place, date and time of the sitting. The notice must set forth the annual sums that the draft by-law provides for the mayor and the councillors, and the information prescribed in the first paragraph.
Any contravention of this section entails the nullity of the by-law.
1980, c. 16, s. 70.