C-19 - Cities and Towns Act

Full text
46. (Repealed).
1975, c. 66, s. 6; 1977, c. 52, s. 5; 1988, c. 19, s. 239.
46. A municipality governed by this act, even if it is not contemplated in section 1, may, by by-law of its council, annex to its territory any adjacent territory or part of a territory that does not have a local municipal organization and is located in a territory not governed by a county corporation.
The Minister of Municipal Affairs may approve the annexation by-law, with or without amendment, and, if he approves it, shall publish notice of his approval of the by-law or, if amended, of its final text, in the Gazette officielle du Québec. Such by-law comes into force from the date of publication of that notice or from any later date indicated therein.
The notice provided for in the second paragraph must contain a precise designation of the territory subject to annexation.
1975, c. 66, s. 6; 1977, c. 52, s. 5.