C-19 - Cities and Towns Act

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440.1. (Repealed).
1996, c. 27, s. 15; 2005, c. 6, s. 194.
440.1. A municipality may suspend the supply of water to a person who makes abusive use of the water or whose equipment causes water to be wasted or the quality of the water to deteriorate, and who, on the lapse of 10 days after the sending of the notice provided for in the second paragraph, has omitted to take the required corrective measures. The suspension shall continue until such measures are taken.
The competent officer shall send to the person, by registered or certified mail, a notice exposing the problem, indicating the corrective measures to be taken and informing the person of the suspension of the supply of water to which he may be subject under the first paragraph.
1996, c. 27, s. 15.