C-19 - Cities and Towns Act

Full text
267. (Repealed).
R. S. 1964, c. 193, s. 296; 1968, c. 55, s. 92; 1987, c. 57, s. 708.
267. Every candidate who corruptly, by himself or by or with any other person, or by any other ways or means on his behalf, or any person thereafter becoming a candidate who, during the election period, directly or indirectly gives or provides, or causes to be given or provided, or is accessory to the giving or providing, or pays wholly or in part any expenses incurred for any meat, drink, refreshment or provisions to or for any person, in order to be elected or for being elected, or for the purpose of corruptly influencing such person or any other person to give or refrain from giving his vote at such election, shall be guilty of an offence against this division, therein referred to as: “treating”.
Every candidate who is guilty of such offence shall be liable, in addition to any other penalty to which he is liable therefor under any other provision of this division, to a fine of $200, payable, with costs, to any person who sues therefor.
Upon the trial of an election petition, there shall be struck off from the number of votes given for such candidate one vote for every person who has so voted and is proved on such trial to have corruptly accepted or taken any such meat, drink, refreshments or provisions.
R. S. 1964, c. 193, s. 296; 1968, c. 55, s. 92.