A-7.002 - Act respecting the Agence des partenariats public-privé du Québec

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4. The mission of the agency is to contribute, through its advice and expertise, to the renewal of public infrastructures and the enhancement of services delivered to citizens through public-private partnerships.
The agency promotes the following in exercising its functions:
(1)  a process for the selection of partners and the conclusion of contracts that is both transparent and fair, in order to ensure healthy competition among interested enterprises;
(2)  the implementation of means for citizens to learn about the public-private partnership process and the added value of public funds invested;
(3)  the use of reporting mechanisms based on the accountability of public bodies and on the fact that those bodies must ensure supervision of the infrastructure, equipment and public service delivery projects;
(4)  the use in the public interest of consultation and communication processes involving the people concerned by the projects.
2004, c. 32, s. 4.