A-6.001 - Financial Administration Act

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24.1. (Repealed).
2013, c. 16, s. 188; 2021, c. 152021, c. 15, s. 94.
24.1. The only part of a multi-year transfer that may be recorded in the accounts for a given fiscal year is the part that is both payable and authorized by Parliament for that year.
For the purposes of the first paragraph,
(1)  a multi-year transfer means an undertaking under which the Government, a minister or a budget-funded body confers an economic benefit on a beneficiary over more than one fiscal year, for no consideration in goods or services; and
(2)  for each fiscal year in which part of the transfer must be made, that part of the transfer is authorized by Parliament where, for that year, appropriations cover the financial commitments necessary to confer the economic benefit; moreover, if the sums necessary to discharge the financial commitments are debited from a special fund, the transfer is authorized once the expenditure and investment estimates for the fund for the year have been approved by Parliament.
This section is declaratory.
2013, c. 16, s. 188.