A-14 - Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services

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83.18. The Commission may, by regulation,
(1)  determine the cases in which the fees and expenses of advocates not in the employ of a centre or the Commission, whose services are retained following an order under section 83.1, are paid by a centre or by the Commission;
(2)  determine the form and content of the document confirming entitlement to legal services under this chapter;
(3)  determine the place where a person wishing to obtain legal services must send an application and prescribe rules in that regard; and
(4)  determine the manner in which the list provided for in section 83.10 is drawn up and kept up to date, as well as the information it must contain.
The regulations of the Commission are subject to the approval of the Government, which may approve them with or without amendment.
2010, c. 12, s. 30.