A-13.1.1 - Individual and Family Assistance Act

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94. In the case of a debt to which section 90 applies, except non-payment of support determined by judgment or by a transaction and a joint declaration of dissolution of a civil union executed before a notary, the debtor of a person who or whose family has received or is receiving an amount under a last resort financial assistance program, and any person who is to become the debtor of such a person must, upon a written notice of the Minister, remit to the Minister the amount owed, up to the amount recoverable.
The remittance of the amount to the Minister is deemed to be a payment validly made to the creditor; if the debtor fails to so remit the amount, the debtor is bound to pay an equivalent amount to the Minister.
The amount is recoverable by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
2005, c. 15, s. 94.