A-13.1.1 - Individual and Family Assistance Act

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83.5. Financial assistance within the framework of the program takes the form, in particular, of an Aim for Employment benefit, to which a participation allowance under section 83.6 and the reimbursement of expenses under section 83.8 may be added.
The Aim for Employment benefit granted to an independent adult or a family is established monthly and calculated in the manner prescribed by regulation.
For the purpose of calculating the benefit, the regulation may, in particular,
(1)  establish the basic benefit amount applicable to an independent adult or a family, in the cases and under the conditions it determines;
(2)  prescribe, in the cases and under the conditions it determines, any adjustment amount that may increase the basic benefit and any amount that may be subtracted from the benefit, and exclude any amount from the calculation; and
(3)  prescribe special rules for the month of the application.
2016, c. 252016, c. 25, s. 31.