A-13.1.1 - Individual and Family Assistance Act

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78. (Repealed).
2005, c. 15, s. 78; 2016, c. 252016, c. 25, s. 30.
78. Financial assistance within the framework of the program is determined by the Minister in the cases and under the conditions determined by the Minister. It takes the form, in particular, of a youth allowance.
The financial assistance may vary according to the circumstances of the adult or the adult’s family and according to the nature and duration of the activity engaged in. However, the adult and, if applicable, the members of the adult’s family may take advantage of the Social Assistance Program or the Social Solidarity Program if that financial assistance is less than the assistance that would be granted under either of those programs, to the extent that they are also eligible under those programs.
2005, c. 15, s. 78.