A-10 - Travel Agents Act

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30.7. The president is subrogated by operation of law to the rights of a client against a travel agent or a service supplier for the sums paid by the fund.
In addition, the president may exercise a recourse against a travel agent and a service supplier to recover sums paid by the fund where
(a)  the service supplier failed to fulfil his obligations;
(b)  the fund reimbursed or indemnified the client; and
(c)  the travel agent committed a fault, in particular as regards the choice of the service supplier.
No client of a travel agent may be reimbursed or indemnified by the fund if otherwise reimbursed or indemnified for the damages incurred. However, if the amount of the reimbursement or indemnification the client obtained is less than that which he would have obtained from the fund, the client may claim the difference from the fund.
2017, c. 242017, c. 24, s. 70.