S-4.1.1, r. 2 - Educational Childcare Regulation

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121. Despite sections 116 and 118, a childcare provider may supply, keep and administer acetaminophen to any child without the authorization of a accredited health care professional, but only in accordance with the protocol in Schedule II duly signed by the parent.
However, if the acetaminophen is supplied by the parent, its container must be clearly marked with the name of the child concerned.
O.C. 582-2006, s. 121; O.C. 1314-2013, s. 62.
121. A childcare provider must ensure that toxic products and cleaning products are clearly labelled and stored in a space reserved for that purpose, out of the reach of children. The childcare provider must keep that space locked.
O.C. 582-2006, s. 121.