S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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42. Furnace rooms:
(1)  A fuel-fired heating appliance shall be installed in a room that must:
(a)  be separated from the rest of the building by a fire-separator with a fire-resistance rating of at least 2 hours for a hospital or special care institution that is higher than 2 storeys or with a building area that exceeds 400 m2 and at least 1 hour for all other public buildings;
(b)  not be used to store combustible or hazardous materials;
(c)  be equipped with a door opening outwards. This door shall, however, open towards the interior or slide horizontally when it opens on a hallway or a room used for meetings; it must be kept closed;
(d)  be equipped with portable extinguishers placed at the entrance of the room if it is not protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system;
(e)  be supplied with fresh air.
(2)  Subsection 1 does not apply in the case of:
(a)  a fireplace;
(b)  a forced air furnace equipped with thermal insulation and installed to heat a building, other than a hospital or special care institution with a building height not more than 2 storeys and a building area under 400 m2, or installed to heat only one room;
(c)  a forced air furnace that is part of an outside installation on a roof.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-3, r. 4, s. 42.