Q-2, r. 19 - Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials

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24.1. A stockpiling platform for contaminated soil or other residual materials intended to be used as cover material must be composed of one of the following materials:
(1)  a homogenous natural soil layer with a constant hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10‑6 cm/s or less to a minimum depth of 3 m, the hydraulic conductivity to be established in situ;
(2)  a layer of clayey materials with a constant hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10‑7 cm/s or less to a minimum depth of 1 m;
(3)  a geomembrane at least 1.5 mm thick;
(4)  a bentonite geocomposite;
(5)  a layer of bituminous concrete over a bituminous membrane, or a layer of cement concrete, the operator being required, in either case, to verify the platform or have it verified at least once a year to detect fractures or fissures that might form and to repair any defects detected;
(6)  any other liner system composed of materials at least as effective as one of the above-mentioned systems.
The platform must have a liquid collection system.
868-2020O.C. 868-2020, s. 7.