S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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3. Duties of owners: Public building owners shall:
(a)  build, arrange and keep up public buildings so that people residing therein or having access thereto be protected against exposures;
(b)  see that means of egress, fire alarm and fire-fighting systems and all other apparatus, systems or installations in connection with any public building comply with this Regulation;
(c)  supply and install permanently all necessary safety devices for maintenance employees. These devices include: anchors for flying-scaffolds, anchor-bolts for window cleaning, anchors for safety belts, guardrails, fastenings for guardrails along roof edges and roof openings; these devices must comply with section 50;
(d)  give notice to the inspector of the opening, reopening or change of destination of a public building at least 30 days in advance;
(e)  draw up an evacuation plan or procedure;
(e.1)  provide the staff necessary for the evacuation of the building in the event of fire, panic or any other hazard, in compliance with the requirements set forth in section 33;
(f)  inform the personnel and occupants as to the plan for safety and egress and advise a public of more than 300 persons assembled for purposes other than for worship in an assembly occupancy, before the beginning of each performance or activity, of the means of egress at its disposal;
(g)  see that fire and exit drills be held at regular intervals and at least once a year. However, in buildings designated by the inspector and where panic may arise, the personnel only shall take part in such drills;
(h)  (paragraph revoked).
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-3, r. 4, s. 3; O.C. 2449-85, s. 1; O.C. 88-91, s. 3.