S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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23. Indoor places of assembly with fixed bench-type seat without arms:
(1)  Bench-type seats shall:
(a)  be not less than 450 mm in width per person, whether seats are marked off or not;
(b)  be spaced:
i.  not less than 550 mm, without backs; and
ii.  not less than 750 mm with backs, measured from center-to-center.
(2)  Aisles shall:
(a)  comply with the requirements of sections 10, 11 and 12;
(b)  be so arranged that there are no more than 7 seats with backs or 20 seats without backs between any seat and an aisle;
(c)  be at least 900 mm wide at the point of origin and shall increase uniformly by 25 mm every 1 m in the direction of exit; the width of aisles may be uniform if both ends thereof are clear;
(d)  comply with the requirements of subparagraphs e and f of subsection 2 of section 22.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-3, r. 4, s. 23.