S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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16.1. Exit doors in family-type buildings:
Every exit door required in a family-type building shall:
(a)  have a minimum headroom clearance of 1.88 m; no device shall be installed in such a way as to reduce the headroom clearance to less than 1.85 m;
(b)  pivot on a vertical axis;
(c)  normally be kept closed when placed in a fire separation and shall be provided with a reliable self-closing device and a latch;
(d)  when locked, shall be provided with a mechanism such that it can be readily opened without the use of a key; such mechanism shall be easy to operate, even in the dark;
(e)  open onto a landing whose width and length measure at least the width of the door.
O.C. 466-95, s. 6.