R-15.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

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61.0.11. The following subjects must be on the agenda of the annual meeting:
(1)  the main risks related to plan funding identified in the funding policy;
(2)  the measures taken, in the course of a fiscal year of the plan, to manage the main risks related to the plan’s funding;
(3)  where annuities have been purchased in accordance with the annuity purchasing policy since the previous annual meeting:
(a)  the number of annuities purchased and the premium required by the insurer for each annuity purchased;
(b)  the criteria for choosing the annuities and the insurer;
(c)  for each purchase of annuities, the degree of solvency of the plan before and after the purchase and, if applicable, the amount of the special annuity purchasing payment related to the purchase;
(d)  an overview of the main changes made to the annuity purchasing policy.
1183-2017O.C. 1183-2017, s. 41.