R-15.1, r. 1.01 - Regulation respecting the funding of certain Gesca Ltée and La Presse, ltée pension plans

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5. As at the date of an actuarial valuation of a pension plan, the discounted projected indexation deficiency of the past component corresponds to the value of the projected indexation deficiency as at 31 December 2026, discounted at a rate which must not exceed 5.5% on the date of the actuarial valuation.
A projected indexation deficiency is determined where, as at the date of the actuarial valuation, the liabilities of the past component adjusted to 31 December 2026 exceed the assets of that same component adjusted to that same date, the latter being calculated, as provided for under sections 6 and 7, such that the projected deficiency that is determined is limited to indexation. The arising from indexation as at 31 December 2026 corresponds to the amount by which the liabilities exceed the assets.
O.C. 42-2014, s. 5.