Q-2, r. 43 - Regulation respecting the charges payable for the disposal of residual materials

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7. Materials received by the operator of a disposal site referred to in section 2 that are recovered for reclamation, after having been sorted or incinerated, must be weighed in accordance with the Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials (chapter Q-2, r. 19) before being transported off-site.
O.C. 340-2006, s. 7; 433-2020O.C. 433-2020, s. 7.
7. All materials received at the disposal site must, upon receipt, be weighed on the premises.
The devices for weighing the materials must be installed, used and maintained so as to provide reliable data, and be calibrated at least once a year.
Where some of the materials received are sorted and recovered for reclamation, the recovered materials must be weighed before being transported off-site.
O.C. 340-2006, s. 7.