Q-2, r. 38 - Regulation respecting the quality of the atmosphere

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67.9. (Replaced, O.C. 501-2011)Crematory: A crematory must not emit into the atmosphere particulate matter of a concentration in excess of 70 mg/Nm3. That concentration is calculated during the full cremation cycle or during a period not exceeding 2 hours from the time the ignition burner is started.
The concentration is calculated on a dry basis and is corrected to 11% oxygen according to the following formula:
E = Ea x 10
“E” is the corrected emission;
“Ea.” is the emission on a dry non-corrected basis;
“A” is the percentage of oxygen in the combustion gases at the sampling site.
The criteria mentioned in section 67.4 also apply to the design and operation of a crematory.
The operator of a crematory may destroy therein only waste that is provided for in paragraph 1 of section 2 of the Regulation respecting biomedical waste (chapter Q-2, r. 12).
It is prohibited to start the ignition burners until the temperature of the final combustion chamber has been maintained at 1 000ºC for 15 minutes.
The operator of a crematory must continuously measure and record the temperature of the gases inside the final combustion chamber.
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