Q-2, r. 38 - Regulation respecting the quality of the atmosphere

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30. (Replaced, O.C. 501-2011)Exception: Standards prescribed in section 29 for heavy oil and coal do not apply in cases where:
(a)  a portion of the sulfur contained in the flue gases is recovered and combined to a raw material coming in contact with these gases;
(b)  a portion of the sulfur contained in the flue gases is retained by a gas cleaning equipment; or
(c)  another fossil fuel with a low sulfur content is used simultaneously in an oil refinery.
The person in charge of an establishment to which one of the exceptions prescribed in the first paragraph applies must keep a record book in which he enters the origin, quantity and sulfur content of the heavy oil and coal used; in the case provided for in subparagraph c of the first paragraph, he must also enter in this record book, at least twice a week, the nature, quantity, sulfur content and heating value of each fossil fuel used.
He must forward this record book to the Minister at the end of each calendar year.
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