Q-2, r. 21 - Regulation respecting waterworks and sewer services

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58. A monetary administrative penalty of $250 in the case of a natural person or $1,000 in other cases may be imposed on any person who fails
(1)  to forward to the Minister a copy of the document referred to in section 23, in the case and within the period provided for in that section;
(2)  to use the forms prescribed by section 33 for preparing the notices referred to in that section;
(3)  to comply with the conditions provided for in section 34 regarding the content of the prior notice;
(4)  to forward to the operator, in accordance with the second paragraph of section 34, a copy of the letter of objections referred to in that section;
(5)  to carry identification as prescribed by the second paragraph of section 37;
(6)  to submit an application for the transfer of a permit on the form prescribed by section 50;
(7)  to submit to the Minister a report of operations in accordance with the frequency provided for and using the form prescribed by section 51;
(8)  to notify the Minister of a change of address or telephone number within the period provided for in section 52;
(9)  to submit the report provided for in section 51 on the form prescribed by section 55 in the case provided for in that section.
O.C. 668-2013, s. 5.