Q-2, r. 17 - Regulation respecting greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles

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22.1. A monetary administrative penalty of $350 in the case of a natural person or $1,500 in other cases may be imposed on any person who fails
(1)  to send to the Minister and to the beneficiary of the trading of credits allocated by the Minister a written notice containing the information prescribed by the first paragraph of section 14;
(2)  to file with the Minister, not later than 31 August of each year, an annual report containing the information and data prescribed by the first paragraph of section 21 or to have the information certified and signed by an independent third person in accordance with the second paragraph of that section;
(3)  to comply with the conditions of form or transmission of the report provided for in the third paragraph of section 21;
(4)  to keep on the conditions and for the period provided for in section 22 the supporting documents and the records referred to in that section.
O.C. 664-2013, s. 1.