Q-2, r. 17 - Regulation respecting greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles

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1. The objective of this Regulation is to reduce emissions of manmade greenhouse gases likely to cause climate change and threaten environment quality.
To that end, the Regulation specifies the greenhouse gas maximum emission standards that must be met, starting in 2009, by various categories of motor vehicles and, to assist in the achievement of that objective, establishes a system of charges for emissions in excess of the maximum standards. The Regulation also recognizes the possibility, for certain persons, of earning credits and trading them to realize the target reduction.
To ensure as much flexibility as possible in the achievement of its objective, this Regulation, in addition to making the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas progressive, sets maximum emission standards for broad categories of motor vehicles covering a range of models, and bases the calculation of fees on the effort made to reduce the emissions of a vehicle fleet as a whole.
O.C. 1269-2009, s. 1.