O-6, r. 10 - Regulation respecting equivalence standards for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances

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7. A candidate wishing to have a diploma or training equivalence recognized must
(1)  make a written application to the secretary of the Order and submit the application examination fees prescribed by the board of directors of the Order under paragraph 8 of section 86.0.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26);
(2)  provide, if applicable, to the secretary of the Order,
(a)  the original or a certified true copy of any diploma obtained;
(b)  the candidate’s academic record, including the official transcript of the results obtained bearing the seal of the educational institution, or a certified true copy thereof, a description of courses taken and the number of credits or hours for each course;
(c)  an attestation by the educational institution that issued the diploma certifying the candidate’s successful completion of training periods;
(d)  an attestation of the candidate’s participation in continuing training or upgrading activities in the field of eye and vision care;
(e)  an attestation and description of the candidate’s work experience in the field of eye and vision care;
(f)  a certified true copy of the candidate’s birth certificate or, failing that, a certified true photocopy of the candidate’s passport; and
(g)  a recent passport-type photo.
Documents in a language other than French or English submitted in support of an application must be accompanied by a French or English translation certified under oath by the translator.
O.C. 982-2007, s. 7.