O-6, r. 10 - Regulation respecting equivalence standards for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances

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3. A candidate who holds a diploma awarded by an educational institution outside Québec is granted a diploma equivalence if the diploma was obtained upon completion of studies at a level equivalent to college level comprising a minimum of 2,670 hours, including at least 2,010 hours of training specific to optics, apportioned as follows:
(1)  a minimum of 192 hours in the principles of optics and chemical phenomena in the field of ophthalmics;
(2)  a minimum of 216 hours in ocular anatomy, physiology and pathology, including prevention and antimicrobial control;
(3)  a minimum of 412 hours in the characteristics of lenses for eyeglasses, the selection of lenses for eyeglasses and frames, the manufacturing and repair of eyeglasses, and the delivery and adjustment of eyeglasses;
(4)  a minimum of 225 hours in the characteristics, fitting and adjustment of contact lenses, and after-sale follow-up;
(5)  a minimum of 84 hours in communications and sales psychology and communication with clients and professional resources in the field of eye and vision care;
(6)  a minimum of 48 hours in the use and application of sales and business management techniques;
(7)  a minimum of 72 hours in vision evaluation and assessment techniques;
(8)  a minimum of 24 hours in the application of laws and regulations pertaining to the professional practice; and
(9)  a minimum of 280 hours of clinical training in the field of eye and vision care.
O.C. 982-2007, s. 3.